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Post Tape™

Post Tape™

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Post Tape™ is the Mixtape for Streaming. You don't play it in a cassette player. You probably don't even own a cassette player.

Instead, you hold your phone over the tap symbol on the tape, and just like magic, your phone will open right to the playlist linked to the tape!

Texting music is forgettable. Give them something memorable.

How do I make mine?

1. In Spotify, click the 3 dot icon (...), select share, then select 'COPY LINK'

2. Paste that link into the 'Playlist Link' note section

3. Click the 'ADD TO CART' button, and we'll put it all together and send it to you to design and decorate just like a true mixtape

** Want to create cover art from your photos or one of ours? Click here and create a custom insert for your Post Tape™!**

 Things to know

-  Ordering more than 5 of the same playlist? Please email for bulk pricing!

Need help curating. Check out our blog post on building the perfect playlist!

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