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Let's Dance! - A Post Tape Mixtape

Let's Dance! - A Post Tape Mixtape

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Going to a friend's for a party? Don't show up empty handed! Bring them our 'Let's Dance!' mixtape and help them get the party started.

This playlist is the perfect dance party playlist. Turn it up and get down, or leave it on in the background to keep the mood up. Dancehall classics, contemporary hits, and hidden gems from rock to pop to hip hop, curated to flow smoothly from song to song. Don't take our word for it, give it a listen HERE

Why would we include the playlist here for free? Because Post Tape is the other side, the physical side, of the music experience. And because you can give them a card for $6, or you can give them something they'll actually keep and enjoy for $15. Oh, and you can also write a note on the inside, so there's your card, too!

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